Time to plan

It’s the New Year, 2020. We all have those large and small outdoor projects that we seem to put off. Now is a great time to talk through those ideas and see what the possibilities are.

Let’s get started

Getting started is the hardest part. Here are some helpful tips to get the ball rolling.

Talk it out

Get together with your significant other and find out what is currently desired. You both have probably been talking about a project for years. But do you really know what is wanted today? Sit down with a pad and pen and jot down several needs and wants. Create different scenarios, which you think will take varying budget amounts.

Sketch it out

You don’t need to be an artist to create some basic drawings of the size and scope of your proposed projects. Just draw several rough drafts of where you want your new outdoor space and how it may look with a general outline.

Clip it out

Go online or grab some copies of Coastal Living magazine or Southern Living magazine and check out their articles on outdoor living – patios, decks, pavilions, bars, grills, etc. See the latest trends and what you think may be attractive for your home. Discover some styles that you have never seen. Print out or cut out photos and descriptions to share.

Contact us

This could be the first or the final step, depending on your needs and how you like to plan. Brandon at Coastal Outdoor Spaces is the expert you want to talk with for a full consultation on stylish outdoor living. Check out our past work and bring us your ideas. We can provide recommendations and current best practices for designing and building an outdoor space unique to you.