Outdoor Living Theme Ideas

Possible outdoor living theme ideas for Annapolis would include colonial life, historical references – such as George Washington retiring his command at the State House, sailing, boating, fishing, the Chesapeake Bay and the Naval Academy. With Annapolis, there are many design directions to go. It would be tempting to try and replicate some colonial architecture by using specific shapes and colors, with traditional brick and stone work. Sailing is an obvious theme choice for Annapolis and most of Anne Arundel County. What is it that makes Annapolis especially unique? The U.S. Naval Academy.

Navy Theme for your Outdoor Space

A Navy theme can be very popular during football season, with the decoration and design of your deck and sunroom conducive to post-game celebrations or game-watching parties. Nautical furniture should be big and comfortable. Also on the deck or patio, an outdoor TV can be built into a wall with a bar for the avid fans. Strategically placed fencing will provide privacy for your activities.

In order to create a theme with outdoor structures, we will focus on design, materials, color, and space organization. Decor plays a strong secondary role. Some might argue that the home decor in the space is actually the primary determining factor in creating the theme. When picking a specific theme to reach for, our plan is to visually mimic the physical attributes of what you can see and touch. For a Navy theme, traditional colors such as stained wood, whites, grays, and blues are critical. When you visit the Naval Academy, you get a strong feel for the consistency of the stone architecture, even though it varies based on when the dorms, class halls, and sports complexes were built. The stone colors and masonry designs can be recreated in your outdoor space.

There are a lot of pieces to put together when basing a project on a theme. If you go with a Navy theme, please take a camera on your next trip to The Yard and get a lot of photos!

Go Navy!