Arnold, Severna Park and Pasadena

Outdoor Living Theme Ideas

Possible outdoor living theme ideas for Arnold, Severna Park, and Pasadena, all with riverfront or beaches nearby, would include the old Baltimore Annapolis railroad line and Arnold Station, the Magothy River, the Severn River, sailing, boating, fishing and the Chesapeake Bay.

Sailing Theme for your Outdoor Space

A sailing theme can be reinforced with a combination of decorative elements such as nautical furniture, signal flags and ship wheels, with thoughtfully designed decks, patios, and landscaping that resembles the colors and shapes of yachts and flowing water. Like with a Navy theme, colors such as stained wood, whites, grays, and blues are key. Structurally, the coastal architecture to mimic would be marinas, coast guard stations, and yacht clubs. The design would focus on the open view of a real or imagined river, beach, bay or ocean. We would be creating the feeling of sailing or being near the water. Clipping photos from magazines or taking photos of local places can be fun for you and will help us better visualize what you are going for.

What will make all the difference in this theme is picking the best nautical home decor that fits your style. If you love modern sleek sailing yachts, stay away from wood and brass antiques and go with the bright flag colors, whites, blues, canvas, and stainless steel of Wednesday night racing. Traditional cruising and a love of sailing history will change the focus to wood, brass, and copper. Ship models, wooden hatch cover tables, captain’s chairs, and salvaged ship lights are a great fit for evoking the sailing ships of old. While there are many destinations online for finding this type of decor, nothing beats visiting local antique and decor retail stores here in the Annapolis area and Anne Arundel County. We are lucky to have a variety of stores to pick from to see the metal and wood that is right for your space.

Ready about!