Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are design elements that add a great deal of visual appeal and personality to an outdoor living space. Arbors are particularly effective for entry and exit pathways within the space. A pergola can set a patio apart from other parts of the space and provide a structure for hanging plants and lighting.

Create Height and Visual Strength

When some shade is desired for a patio or deck, a pergola can be used as an alternative to a porch. Flowering and potted plants, ivy and other plant-life can grow up and over a pergola to block the sun or create privacy for your space. Adding a pergola to a broad and flat area, such as a large deck, gives your space some badly needed height. With an area of height, the asymmetrical view is pleasing to the eye – and you can add colorful hanging plants and decor to brighten up the area. Arbors perform a similar service for fencing around a yard and can be built with or without a gate. They will create a dramatic entryway to your outdoor space and break up the long horizontal pattern that comes with a fence. In addition to the visual strength, there is a practical aspect as well – an arbor can be a beacon to guests for where they should enter your yard.

Many homeowners overlook the benefits of adding  pergolas and arbors to their property, and while these are not a good fit for everyone, they may be just the right element to make your project a visual success. With so many styles and materials to choose from, getting the advice from our experienced professionals is very important for creating an attractive result.

Photo Gallery of Pergolas and Arbors

coastal pergola 3 copy