Galesville and Shady Side

Outdoor Living Theme Ideas

Possible outdoor living theme ideas for Galesville and Shady Side would include the West River, sailing and boating, commercial fishing, oyster boats and the Chesapeake Bay.

Maritime Theme for your Outdoor Space

Property owners near the water may want decks, fences, pergolas, arbors, and landscaping that allows for open or elevated views of rivers or the Chesapeake Bay. Nautical furniture can be placed on the deck and fishing decor can hang strategically from railings, pergolas, and fencing. There is a subtle difference between a maritime theme versus a sailing theme. A maritime look is more focused on the work that takes place on the water. Watermen ply the Bay to provide fish, oysters, and crabs for you and your neighbors. Recreational fishing and crabbing are work for fun. Celebrating this lifestyle can be a creative way to decorate your outdoor space.

In this part of the county, little bayside villages feature marinas, small restaurants, and shops. A little exploration of the area will produce decor that creates the maritime feel you are going for. Some trips to the Eastern Shore will add more maritime antiques and fishing artifacts to your collection. The design we come up will be a direct reflection of how you see yourself utilizing the space. Big open decks and screened porches are most conducive to grilling fish and eating crabs. Depending on how close your neighbors are and how much privacy you crave, a screened gazebo, large patio, and tall fence may be a better choice for outdoor entertaining. No matter the design of the structures in your space, the decor you pick may have the biggest impact on the success of your theme. Strategically placed oyster tongs, colorful crab trap markers, fishing nets, and boating artifacts can be the handful of elements you need to complete the maritime theme.

 A Chesapeake Bay skipjack. Save the Bay!