Five Reasons to Install Your New Deck in the Fall

  • Less damage to existing landscaping. During the Spring or Summer season, the
    weather can range from hot, sweltering days to stormy, rainy days with very little
    warning. During the Fall season, the weather is a lot more bearable and the cooler
    weather dries out the landscape making it easy to build a deck on the yard without
    causing any significant damage to your property so that when Spring rolls around your
    yard will bounce back greener than ever!
  • Less disruption. In reality, people spend the most time on their deck in the Spring and
    Summer. Improving on, or installing, a new deck in the Fall won’t impact your
    enjoyment as much in cooler months.
  • Get ahead of the crowd with your deck construction. Beat the spring rush by beginning
    your deck construction early so that by the time spring arrives you will be enjoying your
    new deck without having to worry about how hot it is when you’re trying to stain your
    deck or having a construction crew have to cancel days due to bad weather.
  • The weather is more predictable. Weather patterns usually plateau during the fall
    season, which makes it ideal for building a new deck. Thunderstorms can delay
    construction and, under certain conditions, may even damage the deck. There are less
    chances of weather-related delays happening during the fall season, and construction
    crews tend to complete their work faster because of the cooler weather.
  • Extend decking season. With the right decking material, you can create an indoor/outdoor space that spans multiple seasons.

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