Small projects, big results

Sometimes it is the small things, the attention to detail, and the incremental improvements that feel like they make the biggest difference.

Front yard

The front of the home has the largest impact as far as “curb appeal”. A front porch and walkway set the stage for the home, and for some, a long put-off improvement can yield that emotion of “Finally!”


In the backyard, a deck is often the fundamental building-block for a homeowner’s outdoor space. Off the deck can be a patio/landing that works well for outdoor living too. Once a deck is in place, it is easier to gauge the other puzzle pieces needed to optimize the space for entertaining and year-round enjoyment. Starting with a deck allows for the immediate use of the backyard for a comfortable and convenient living space.

Building blocks

At Coastal Outdoor Spaces, we see all kinds of needs, from first-time and smaller projects to large-scale outdoor space improvements. Every homeowner has a unique need and the only way to come to the best solution is to listen carefully and ask many questions. How will they use the space? How often? How many people?

From start to finish our crew will keep the lines of communication open. We will listen and devise a plan that combines the client’s ideas and the industry‚Äôs best practices. Very often our clients start with one idea for a deck, and after feedback from us, modify the original idea so that it is a better fit for the overall goal. One of the most popular solutions we come up with is the deck plus patio combination. This provides options for a more a open space and then a secondary private and intimate setting.

Visit our pages to see many project examples and what our clients created to get the most from their homes. They now enjoy their own personal outdoor retreat.