Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Outdoors

With the warm Indian Summer we are having here around the Chesapeake Bay, you might consider hosting your Thanksgiving outdoors.  Of course, here at Coastal Outdoor, we love that idea. Food Network published some great tips for hosting your Thanksgiving celebration outdoors so we thought we would share a few!

  1. Keep the food warm! If you live in a cool climate, your food will cool down surprisingly quickly when you take it outside. And no one wants to eat stone-cold mashed potatoes. It’s worth using serving dishes with lids and investing in a few different insulated serving dishes for each table. You might want to get some insulated glasses, too, for warm beverages (tea and piping hot cocktails are a great way to keep people warm).
  2. Keep the people warm, too! Warm diners are happy diners, so consider stashing a few washable blankets at each table. If you want to really up the ante, invest in some matching seasonal colored blankets and drape one over the back of each chair. One or two heat lamps are also a great investment. You can reuse the blankets and heat lamps well into the fall as you entertain outside. Coastal Outdoor Spaces has designed and built many custom porches, gazebos, and outdoor fireplaces that can certainly keep your guests warm for many Thanksgivings to come! Get some inspiration here.
  3. Set the mood with magical ambiance. Vases of flowers and twinkly lights will go a long way. But here are a few more ways to really stun everyone. First, if you’re dining at night, you’ll want to make sure the tables are well-lit. Chic battery-operated lanterns placed on each table will do the trick. Second, a firepit is a great way to pull your dining scene together and provide more light and warmth. See our projects here.
  4. Protection against rain is important! Not to rain on the parade, but unless you’re hosting Thanksgiving on your porch or have an indoor backup plan, it’s a good idea to put a plan in place for inclement weather. Coastal Outdoor Spaces can design and build pavilions and sun rooms to ensure you can enjoy the outdoors but keep you sheltered from the elements!

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