Baltimore and Glen Burnie

Outdoor Living Theme Ideas

Possible outdoor living theme ideas for the general Baltimore area would be historical, maritime, or sports references – such as Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner, the railroad, shipping, sailing, boating, fishing, the Chesapeake Bay, sports teams like the Ravens or Orioles, early colonial city life, the Civil War, industry, and the Inner Harbor.

Sports Theme for your Outdoor Space

A sports theme like Camden Yards can be reinforced with elements such as team posters and baseball gear inside gazebos, porches or sunrooms that overlook backyard ball games. Large sports team signs can hang from your deck or fence. Baltimore is a large city full of sports teams and casts a shadow far and wide over the region. Those that live in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County are split between the teams of Baltimore and Washington DC, but typically the closer you live to Baltimore, the more inclined you are to be a Ravens or Orioles fan.

The sport of baseball is centuries old so there is an abundance of memorabilia for decorating. Designing your structure around a baseball theme may require some visits to Camden Yards – a great excuse to take in a game! The architecture of Camden Yards is very specific and was designed to feel like a stadium of yesteryear. If you have a small baseball diamond in your backyard for the kids to play hardball, softball, or wiffleball, then we can design your deck and porch to get the best view of the games. We can orient the porch windows so the family can sit and enjoy both fouls and home runs. The deck that sits high above the action won’t be nose-bleeds, but the best seating in your little stadium.