Privacy and Protection

Spring has sprung and homeowners are now making plans to open their backyard pools and host barbecues.  It is also time to consider installing that new six foot privacy fence you may have been considering. A tall and strong fence, no matter what the material, is one more obstacle between your home and unwanted attention. For … More Privacy and Protection

Backyard make-over

For some of our clients, doing a project means a total make-over. In this case we pulled together all the pieces to create a very special outdoor space. This consisted of a large patio with fireplace, pool patio, deck, screened porch, landscaping and privacy fence. Notice the little doggy/kitty door in one corner of the … More Backyard make-over

Why sitting walls?

What do we usually do on a patio? We stand and sit. When you are invited to an outdoor dinner party where the host has a large patio, there are usually a variety of chairs and tables available. After people start to gather, the seats often run out. This is the time when sitting walls … More Why sitting walls?

Not just any pool

  This large backyard pool received the Coastal treatment! Stone landscaping, beach grass and other plantings are not hidden by a traditional fence, but in full view and enhanced with an attractive black aluminum fence. Add the expansive patio and sitting walls and this pool has become a very special one-of-a-kind entertainment destination for friends … More Not just any pool

River view deck

  In general, our Coastal style decks aim to allow wide and open views for the home owners. When you own a home with a river view, this becomes even more important. This deck was designed to allow the most substantial view from both the deck and inside the house. Where the railing may have … More River view deck

Patio paradise

This large deck needed an impressive patio to bring out the best for this hilly backyard with a magnificent view. The fire pit, sitting wall and covered lounge area are perfect for family gatherings and large parties. These are separate social areas where conversations naturally develop in the small private settings within the large overall … More Patio paradise

Big beautiful porch

Brandon and team truly demonstrate the Coastal style porch in this latest project from September. The large open-air views, the beautiful wood ceiling and the colors: stained wood, brown deck and white edging, posts, stairs and railings. This is a simple and elegant look. The ceiling fan helps keep the space airy and aids in … More Big beautiful porch

Sunroom for fall

  The season is changing and soon temperatures are going to drop. This doesn’t mean you need to change your outdoor living lifestyle. Just add a sunroom to your deck or patio for year-round enjoyment. You will still have the open view of your beautifully landscaped back yard, but now there is the added convenience … More Sunroom for fall